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Each of the EVA Movement programs is an interactive, informative, and enlivening experience. Whether you are an executive or a sedentary computer operator or a dancer or a rehabilitation therapist, working with Eva will will allow you to think and feel about your physical body in an entirely new and more positive way and will bring you increased vitality, improved stability, stamina and confidence.

Here are the three types of EVA Movement Programs:

1. EVA Movement Basic

This two–hour program teaches the right and healthful way to do the movements we do each day: walking, standing, sitting at a computer. Amazingly, most of us do these basic things in ways that reduce our energy and focus.

EVA Movement Basic teaches the right way to perform these essential,everyday movements. The result will be enhanced energy, strength and confidence. You will look better and feel better – instantly!

EVA Movement Basic is ideal for desk­bound business and corporate employees and anyone whose work requires being sedentary. It is also designed to benefit all people who seek sustained health and well­being. The two­hour workshops can be augmented with on­going relationships that provide additional help and support.

2. EVA Movement Advanced

This enlivening program is presented in a series of movement classes suitable for people of all ages, in any profession, who function at any fitness level. For these classes, Eva draws on many diverse disciplines among them Modern Dance, Pilates, yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong and ballet.

Eva’s gift for combining and expanding on these modalities makes for an unorthodox, but tried and tested, experience that provides the ideal means for developing strength, grace, fluidity, flexibility and a body in perfect harmony with itself.

3. EVA Movement Teach

These classes and seminars are for people who use movement to instruct and aid others: dance teachers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acting and yoga teachers, Pilates instructors. Their purpose is to pass on the mechanics of the unorthodox and well-tested techniques that set the EVA Movement apart from every other health and fitness program and account for its ongoing success internationally.

You can choose half–day to two–day weekend programs which can also be designed as retreats or multi–day programs. In each case, the program will identify and improve personal movement patterns and provide insight into the movement behaviors of clients, students and patients.

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