our body is not just a gift—it is our responsibility eva nemeth

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eva nemeth is a brilliant and intuitive educator. she speaks the language of the mind, body and spirit like no other. she has been a constant source of inspiration for many years and has helped us regain alignment and health. We have never known a more competent, compassionatte and motivational healer. rick foster gre hicks corporate consultants and authors of choosing brilliant health and how we choose to be happy
EVA Movement Corporations


EVA Movement is an easy, cost-effective solution to improve your bottom line.

Look around. Take a walk through your company offices and see how many of your hard-working employees are performing at peak effectiveness. Inevitably, many are not, and there is a reason for this.

The Institute of Medicine and Public Health reports that a majority of office workers spend as much as 56 hours a week seated at a computer, seated at the wheel of their car, and seated in front of their TV at home.

Continued sitting lowers the metabolic rate, slows circulation and immobilizes muscles. It leads to chronic low back pain and – because there is less blood flow to the brain – lowers your employees overall productivity and negatively impacts your corporate bottom line.

Eva Nemeth has found a way to combat the sitting disease.

With 30 years experience in the fields of applied physiology and physical therapy, her EVA Movement programs will ensure that your workforce is engaged, willing to go the extra mile, and contributing to your organization’s success by working well above current levels.

Whether you choose EVA Movement Basic, or EVA Movement Advanced, her sessions with your employees will:

  • Develop a more engaged, motivated and satisfied staff
  • Improve retention and morale
  • Reduce stress, prevent injuries and enhance overall productivity

Contact Eva today, for a complimentary consultation:

Tel: (310) 740 5898

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