there are many good teachers in the world of movement. eva nemeth is among the great. she has an uncanny ability to draw from her expertise in physical therapy, dance and gymnastics to create mind body solutions for the challenges of everyday life. Larry Payne phd iinternational yoga therapists yoga for dummies, yoga rx, the business of teaching yoga


"Eva is not only a great physiotherapist, gymnast and teacher, she has a great knowledge of how to get the best out of life in terms of physical well-being.

She knows many useful and inspired exercises, procedures, thought-processes and diets to enable anyone that works with her to be completely catered for in terms of every aspect of well-being.

She is a remarkably energetic and talented person and this she manages to convey with the upmost enthusiasm.

She believes in exercise, knowledge and work in the healing process, rather than drugs, injections and all the paraphernalia of the world's preoccupation with pharmaceuticals.

She has helped me in my career for the last 10 years with many injuries and always given me the mental processes to help deal with the depression that being injured comes to an athlete.

I think anyone with any kind of physical problem should fight to get to work with her."

Gillian Lynne
8th March 2011

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