Bio Background

As a physiotherapist and movement educator, Eva has devoted her life to discovering and refining creative methods to support health, to create strength and fluidity and to treat specific physical problems.

Her program, EVA Movement, is an original approach to wellness and rehabilitation that draws on disciplines as diverse as modern dance, yoga, ballet and tai chi and filters them through Eva’s own unique experience and perspective.

Her skills as an educator are further enhanced by years of study in the practices of mindfulness and psychology. Always eager to bring new things to her clients and to work in new modalities, Eva is currently studying hypnosis.

As a child in Hungary, Eva was recruited into the national gymnastics academy. She competed in national and international gymnastics throughout her school years. At age 19, she began studying and working with the innovative movement teacher Eva Kovacs, a modern dance pioneer in Europe who became her lifelong mentor.

Modern dancers in Europe developed the founding principles for many of the advanced physical therapy treatments currently in use. They were the first to recognize that the techniques of modern dance increase longevity. The leading European hospitals and physical therapy schools also utilize these approaches, and Eva has integrated them into her practice.

Eva obtained graduate and postgraduate degrees at the Medical University in Physiotherapy in Budapest. There, she also taught modern dance techniques and rhythmical gymnastics to hundreds of students each year.

In 1990, she founded and led the much-lauded Marina Physical Therapy Center in Marina del Rey, California where she practiced for twenty years. Today, she presents her Eva Movement workshops locally and internationally. She also works individually with clients and offers lectures and keynote speeches in corporate settings.

Her clients range in age from 6 to 96 at every level of fitness. They include men and women from vast variety of professions, among them professional athletes, actors and business executives.