Why should I engage Eva?

Eva’s unique programs provide immediate results and inspire your team to live healthier, more productive lives. She imparts the understanding of how basic changes to physical movements significantly improve energy, focus and confidence.

These changes are a boon to businesses large and small. They substantially lower health care costs and employee absenteeism and are a source of renewed employee engagement.

Participants love Eva. Her remarkable knowledge, healing spirit, compassion and wisdom will have a powerful impact on the productivity and effectiveness of your people.

How long are Eva’s presentations?

All talks and workshops are customized for each audience and targeted to meet the specific needs of each group. The two-hour EVA Movement Basic can be divided into two sessions; EVA Movement Advanced classes can run from one to two hours.

Which of the EVA Movement programs are most suitable for your workers and staff?

For a two-hour program: EVA Movement Basic

Recommended for Corporate and Business Employees, Students, and any other Groups whose work requires being sedentary

Eva Movement Basic stems from the understanding that our most essential source of health and wellbeing does not come from anything we do for an hour at the gym. Our best source of health comes from the things we do in the other 23 hours of the day among them walking and sitting and standing.

For a continuing program: EVA Movement Advanced

Recommended for people of all ages, in any profession, who function at any fitness level.

For this series of movement classes, Eva draws on many diverse disciplines among them Modern Dance, gymnastics, Pilates, yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong and ballet.

Her gift for combining and expanding on these modalities makes for an unorthodox, yet tried and tested, experience that provides the ideal means for developing strength, grace, fluidity, flexibility and a body in perfect harmony with itself.

How does Eva perform her due diligence to learn about my company?

Eva will visit your organization and talk with company leaders in order to assess the specific needs of your group.

If distance is an issue, phone or Skype conferences will provide Eva with the appropriate information and insights.

What are Eva’s fees?

Fees are variable, depending on the length of the presentation or workshop offered and the size of the group.

Does Eva provide handouts for presentations?

Yes. The personalized handout is a critical part of the presentation.

What are her AV requirements?

For audiences of 25+ members, a wireless lapel microphone is all that is required.

How do we contact Eva?

Eva Nemeth
13428 Maxella Ave. #888
Marina del Rey, CA 90292